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Volume 2, No. 1  |  Summer 2012

Security News

Private View
Manoj Paul is an unassuming and understated man for a general counsel at the forefront of legal change. You may not have heard of Emailvision, but there is no doubt about its critical position in the technology world. The cloud computing company, which provides marketers with software they can access virtually through the internet to help their online campaigns, is watching the world of data privacy law closely.    Read more >>


Scientific Security - Storing Passwords in Your Subconscious
While creating a secure password isn't all that difficult, remembering it often is. And while you would use a manager like 1password, here's a new idea proposed by a team of scientists: try storing them in your subconscious memory instead.    Read more >>

Solo Practice Technology News

Tech Savvy Lawyers Better Poised to Experience Growth
More people are shopping for a greater variety of services online than ever and finding a lawyer is no different. Potential clients who need legal representation are likely to go to their computer, laptop and increasingly their smartphone or tablet to shop for a firm.    Read more >>


Cybersecurity for Attorneys - Understanding the Ethical Obligations
As attorneys continue to embrace the latest technology, it is critical for them to understand and address the ethical obligations that go with it. This applies to the very latest technology, like SmartPhones and cloud computing, as well as other current technology, like laptops, remote access, wireless networks, and USB drives, that attorneys have been using for a number of years. At the core of these obligations is the duty of confidentiality.    Read more >>

Mobile Technology News

2012 ABA Tech Survey Reveals Surge in Lawyer iPhone, iPad Use
Every year, the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center conducts a survey to gauge attorney use of legal technology. No survey is perfect, but the ABA tries hard to ensure that its survey has statistical significance, and every year this is the best resource we are aware of to reveal how the approximately one million attorneys in the United States are using technology.    Read more >>


Mobile Marketing Tactics
Accessing the Web via mobile devices—SmartPhones and tablets—is a growing reality. As mobile Web usage gains strength, marketers are creating unique tools to better serve this audience. Here are some of the tactics you can use to add a dose of mobility to your marketing mix.    Read more >>

Social Media News

Navigating the Social Network - The Air Force Guide to Effective Social Media Use
The Air Force Public Affairs Agency created this guide to help all Airmen safely and wisely use social media. This guide provides simple, easy-to-follow tips to help you use social media tools in your professional and personal life.    Read more >>


Facebook Wants to Keep You Virus-Free
Facebook may be a little lax when it comes to privacy, but it seems to be doubling down on security.    Read more >>

Software News

Can Computers Predict Trial Outcomes From Big Data?
Legal scholars, computer science engineers, and commercial companies are building databases and using algorithms to crunch massive amounts of historical legal data to identify the significant factors that influence particular legal outcomes.    Read more >>

In the News

It's Legal - Cops Seize Cell Phone, Impersonate Owner
Court says sending texts using a seized iPhone doesn't violate privacy rights.    Read more >>


Skype Instant Messaging Is Sharing Conversations with Random Contacts
Skype has acknowledged a bug that is affecting users in pretty much the most horrifying way possible. Instant messages sent over Skype are being sent to random contacts—even contacts you've never connected with before.    Read more >>


Your Cell Phone Is Under More Surveillance Than Ever
United States law enforcement agencies are requesting user information such as "text messages, caller locations and other information" at an alarming rate—at least 1.3 million requests last year alone—according to cellular carriers.    Read more >>

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