eLegal Tech Newsletter
Volume 2, No. 2 | Fall 2012

Security News

Automated Trading Errors Give Rise to New Compliance Concerns
Computers are playing an ever greater role at companies that trade equities, commodities and derivatives, notably in relation to order management. Many trading firms apply automated strategies, including high-frequency trading (HFT). Even firms that make trading decisions without computer involvement often rely on computerized order-management systems (OMS) to achieve optimal execution.    Read more >>


Are You Vulnerable? Sometimes a Good Hack Can Help
Computer security can often feel overwhelming and scary; writers and speakers emphasize what seems to be an endless list of risks and dangers. It’s hard to know where to begin.    Read more >>

Solo Practice Technology News

Some Brick-and-Mortar Law Firms Also Offer Cheaper, Web-Based Services
As websites offering online legal advice gain in popularity, some bricks-and-mortar law firms are hopping on board the bandwagon.    Read more >>


Of Sound Mind - Make Plans for Your Digital Estate
The digital world intrudes on reality in many fascinating ways, raising new questions and leaving us to scramble for answers. It’s hard enough for each of us to keep track of our passwords, user names and accounts when we are of sound mind and body. How difficult will it be when we are no longer around to do that?    Read more >>

Mobile Technology News

Top Mobile Use Cases in Law Firms
"Bring your own device" programs, popularly known as BYOD, are taking the legal profession by storm. I've seen it firsthand at a number of legal technology conferences and gatherings and the Am Law Tech Survey 2012, coming to the December 1 issue of Law Technology News, finds legal professionals everywhere as either providing or supporting their mobile device use.    Read more >>


Networking Made Easier With 3 Smartphone Apps
There are a lot of apps out there specifically for lawyers, but there are also a lot of useful apps that are good for lawyers without being specific to the practice of law.    Read more >>

Social Media News

'Facing' It - It Can Be Worth It to Join the Social Media Giant
Now that Facebook has hit 1 billion users and the term facebook has become a verb, the world’s biggest social networking platform has become difficult for lawyers to ignore. Many lawyers feel pressure from friends, family and marketing consultants to use it. Yet they struggle with quantifying the value of Facebook, and some can’t picture what they would be doing on the site.    Read more >>


Twitter 101 for Lawyers
3 Key Ways to Make Your Tweets Stand Out: Twitter is one of the best online media tools for a busy lawyer. The messages are short and sweet while the site gets enormous amounts of traffic every day.    Read more >>

Software News

New Version of LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer Features Enhanced Tools to Filter Out Files Not Relevant to E-Discovery
LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of content and technology solutions, announced the release of LexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer 1.2, an enhanced version of its electronic discovery software that includes new tools to help litigation professionals reduce costs by filtering irrelevant documents from the discovery process.    Read more >>

In the News

Ninth Circuit Considers Whether Hitting 'Send' Creates Obligation for Receiver
If an email is sent through the ether and nobody's there to read it, can it give rise to a contract claim? The online version of an age-old legal question — how to prove that a written communication was actually received and read by its intended target — was at the center of a $5 million fight between two appellate heavyweights at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit this past week.    Read more >>


Solos, Small Firms Face Their Own Challenges After Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy was tough on many law firms, but it was especially hard on solo practitioners and small firms lacking support services. As they tried to get back to business last week, solos and small firms were confronted with problems like inaccessible case files, the inability to make it to court and some impatient clients and adversaries.    Read more >>

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