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Volume 1, No. 1  |  Fall 2011

Security News

Hedging Against Cyber-Attack
It's been a wild year for cybercrimes -- everything from the phone hacking allegations at Rupert Murdoch's media empire to the arrest of 14 people for alleged attacks on PayPal in retaliation for its decision to suspend WikiLeaks' accounts, notes Tam Harbert, in the October issue of Law Technology News magazine.    Read more >>

Solo Practice Technology News

Survey Shows Solos Leading in Some Areas, Lagging in Others
In law offices today, paper files have given way to paperless systems, slides and overhead projectors have been replaced by sophisticated trial presentation software and document cameras—and even phonebook ads are being supplanted by Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Through all of this change, solo practitioners have a distinct advantage. They are both their firm’s technology end-user and the primary decision maker. They have the flexibility and authority to choose what technology the firm will use—and when. It’s a freedom lawyers at larger firms no doubt envy.    Read more >>


The Misunderstood Virtual Law Office
In case you missed it there has been a very lively discussion between two faculty members, Jay Fleischman and Richard Granat, on their respective professional blogs. (For purposes of clarity I am going to use the phrase ‘online offices’ in lieu of Virtual Law Office). Jay threw down the gauntlet and Richard quickly accepted the challenge. Jay asked the question, ‘Is the Virtual Law Model Coming Up Short?'    Read more >>

Mobile Technology News

Why lawyers will love the iPhone 4S
I think that the most popular feature of the iPhone 4S will be Siri, a combination of excellent voice-recognition with advanced artificial intelligence that understands what you mean and responds in kind. With the iPhone 4S, you will literally be able to have a conversation with your iPhone to tell it what to do.    Read more >>


Confronting the Red Flags That Mobile Apps Raise
Behind every great smartphone is a great app -- or, to judge from some lawyers' devices, 10,000 of them. The utility of mobile computing has soared, thanks to the many programs that can be purchased, downloaded, and installed with a press of a button.    Read more >>

Social Media News

35 LinkedIn Lawyer Tips
Read the following 35 LinkedIn tips, techniques and recommendations for improved social media and marketing results for lawyers and law firms:    Read more >>


The Effects of Social Media on Jury Trials
Having just finished a highly publicized jury trial in Indiana involving three wrongful death claims against the Indiana Department of Transportation, I can tell you that the jury’s access to social media, internet news and other sites was addressed with them every time the jury left the courtroom. Jury access to the internet and social media is becoming more and more of a concern to attorneys, especially once litigation has commenced.    Read more >>


Email is Dead, Embrace Social Media
Social media, despite its centrality in our daily lives, still causes most businesses to tremble with fear. They fear liability over what employees may post in their official capacity. They fear embarrassing information posted by employees, both current and potential, in their off hours. They conduct social media “background checks” to ferret out anything that might reflect poorly on the business. Such is this fear that social media sites are discouraged or outright blocked at many workplaces.    Read more >>

Software News

In Case You Missed it: The Connected Lawyer
GPSolo magazine, published by the ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division, has long featured reviews of computer software and hardware by lawyers, practice management advisers and legal technologists. For the June 2011 edition the theme is The Connected Lawyer and includes a half dozen software reviews as well as a timely “Sites for Sore Eyes” column.    Read more >>

In the News

7 Reasons You Should NOT Create Video to Market Your Law Firm
This is a guest post by Gerry Oginski, a medical malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer in New York and also the founder of the Lawyers Video Studio.    Read more >>


U.S. House Lawyers Oppose Cameras in Court
A pilot program to allow video recording in some federal courts is getting resistance from a new source: lawyers for the U.S. House's Republican leadership.    Read more >>


Reed Smith's CRM Success: Small Steps Now, Big Payoff Later
Client relationship management has an uneven record of success in the legal field. In the past, many CRM systems served as glorified contact databases that were rarely updated and even less frequently used for any meaningful purpose. As newer solutions have emerged, legal CRM has begun its slow rise to what it is today within many firms -- a key technological element of a client-centered operational strategy.    Read more >>


The Next Legal Tech: Who Will Pay?
The corporate legal market is being buffeted from the inside and outside. (No this does not mean that Warren Buffet will take a preferential equity position in some new legal services entity. Yet.) From the outside, it is the the global economy, as the Eurozone in 2011 tries to avoid a repeat of the banking crisis the United States saw in 2008-2009.    Read more >>

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