Tom Karas Criminal Justice Award

The Tom Karas Criminal Justice Award is  presented by the Board of Governors to a criminal defense practitioner who during his or her career has worked tirelessly to advance the principles of criminal justice by representing clients or the public with integrity, fairness, tenacity, creativity, brilliance and above all professionalism.  The award was established in 2004, and the language was amended on March 17, 2006.

2013 Recipient

Hammond, Larry

 is a 1970 graduate of the University of Texas School of Law. He was a law clerk to the Honorable Carl McGowan on the D.C. Circuit, and was one of the last clerks for Justice Hugo Black, as well as one of Justice Lewis Powell's first clerks. Larry served as a member of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, and during the Carter Administration he served as a Deputy in the Office of Legal Counsel. He is one of the founders of the Arizona Capital Representation Project and has served on its Board since 1988. Larry is a past President of the American Judicature Society and helped that organization focus on criminal justice reform. He also helped create the Arizona Justice Project—Arizona’s innocence project—and serves as its Chair. He is the Chair of the Arizona State Bar’s Indigent Defense Task Force. He is a practicing white-collar criminal defense lawyer with the Phoenix law firm of Osborn Maledon. Larry Hammond is the recipient of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Justice Award and has devoted most of his career to improving the representation of the indigent criminally accused.

Previous Recipients

The award has been presented to:

2004     Fredric F. Kay
2005 Robert J. Hirsh
2006 Donna Lee Elm
2007 Michael B. Scott (posthumously)
2008 Mark Budoff (posthumously)
Robert J. Hooker (posthumously)
2009 Bruce S. Griffen
2010 Michael D. Kimerer
2011 Michael L. Piccarreta
2012 Darrow Soll