Member of the Year Award

The Member of the Year Award is presented by the Board of Governors to an attorney who has rendered extraordinary contributions to the programs and activities of the State Bar in the prior year.  Hundreds, even thousands, of the Bar's members contribute their time and talent to the work of the Bar, but this award is limited to an individual whose contributions are exceptional.   The award was established in 1991.

2014 Recipient

Cramer, Amelia

AMELIA CRAIG CRAMER, a graduate of Stanford Law School, has practiced law for more than 25 years in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Tucson in a variety of settings including large private law firms, non-profit agencies, and the government.  She has served as a leader of many non-profit and community-based agencies, including the State Bar of Arizona.  She has received numerous awards for her work as a lawyer and a leader.

Ms. Cramer is currently the Chief Deputy Pima County Attorney, an appointed position she has held since 2006.  Ms. Cramer’s job is to manage the largest law office in southern Arizona with more than 100 prosecutors and civil legal advisors. Ms. Cramer also is responsible for oversight of several adult and juvenile diversion programs, a Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison program, an anonymous tip-line known as 88-CRIME, and a Victim Services program through which the County Attorney’s Office provides services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at crime scenes and in the courtroom.

As Immediate Past President of the State Bar of Arizona, Ms. Cramer chaired the new Program Review Committee, which evaluated every program, service, and activity of the State Bar. 


Previous Recipients

The award has been presented to:

1991     Ed Hendricks
William R. Jones, Jr.
Tom Karas
Daniel J. McAuliffe
Thomas A. Zlaket
1992 Larry W. Suciu
1993 Roxana C. Bacon
1994 Kenneth J. Sherk
1995 Crane McClennen
Robert E. Schmitt
1996 Diane L. Drain
1997 Charles T. Stevens
1998 Michael R. Murphy
1999 Denise M. Blommel
Mary Mangotich Grier
John E. Lundin
2000 Andrew R. Sherwood
2001 Robert W. Browder
2002 Craig Mehrens
Ted A. Schmidt
2003 Hon. Michael Owen Miller
Steven A. Hirsch
2004 Sarah R. Simmons
Aaron Kizer
2005 Michael V. Mulchay
Ronald W. Messerly
2006 Jeffrey H. Jacobson
2007 Lynda C. Shely
2008 Jeffrey A. Hursh
2009 Daniel J. McAuliffe
2010 J. Scott Rhodes
Jeffrey Messing
2011 James E. McDougall
2012 Todd F. Lang
2013 William G. Klain