2017 Convention 50-Year Honorees

At the Annual Luncheon, held on the Friday of each State Bar Convention, members who have reached their 50th year of admission to the Arizona bar are honored by their colleagues. The list of attorneys admitted in 1967 who are eligible for recognition at the 2017 Convention follows.

Richard Abbuhl
Gary Abromovitz
Kenneth Arrick
Richard Ball
Wayne Benesch
Harold Bliss, Jr.
Martha Blue
Jeffrey Bonn
Hon. (Ret.) H. Stewart Bradshaw
Hon. (Ret.) H. William Brammer, Jr.    
Hon. David Bury
Paul Colarich                   
Jon Conner
Barry Corey
David Cox
Don Crampton
Hon. (Ret.) Fred Croxen, II
Robert Daudet
Hon. Edd Dawson
Sandra Day
Larry Debus


Anthony DePrima
Gerald Diddy
Bedford Douglass, Jr.      
Peter Dunn
William Flick
Michael Green
Clarke Greger
James Gries
Jerome Gutkin
Rose Ann Herman
John Lacy
M. Byron Lewis
Lawrence Lieberman
Lawrence Marks
Edwin Matney
Lawrence Mattice
Hamilton McRae, III
Michael Monroe
Dr. Richard Morris
Lawrence Nicholls
Michael O'Grady

CD Owens, Jr.
Yale Rogers
David Rosenthal
Burke Rosenzweig
John Ryley
Alberto Saldamando
Richard Shaw
Stephen Silver
James Smith
Ronald Sommer
Preston Steenhoek
Bill Stephens
Gary Stuart
Joseph Swan, Jr.
Richard Treon
Kenneth Tucker
Paul Tutnick
George Wallach
Dean Werner
Richard Winkler
Douglas Zimmerman    

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