Bar Flys Run in P.F. Chang's Arizona Marathon and Half-Marathon

As in years past, the State Bar has entered a team in the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon "Rock Corporate," to be held Sunday, January 18, 2015. All Arizona lawyers and their administrative staff members; Arizona law school students, faculty, and administrative staff members; Arizona law school graduates not yet admitted to the Bar; and State Bar of Arizona employees, are eligible to join "The Bar Flys" for this event. Rock Corporate (formerly called "The Get Fit Challenge") is a friendly competition not for which team has the fastest time but, rather, the highest participation. As an incentive to join our team the State Bar is subsidizing half of the registration fee to the first 65 people to sign up for either the full or half marathon. Everyone is on the honor system not to share the half-off registration code (see below) with anyone not known to meet these eligibility requirements.

This year, the recipient is the Arizona Summit Law School - Serving the Underserved Scholarship Fund. A mission pillar of Arizona Summit Law School is serving the underserved in our community. The "Serving the Underserved Scholarship" is a scholarship awarded annually to an ASLS law student based on financial need, with a demonstrated commitment to community service.

For information about the event, and to register:

• Click on:

• Follow the prompts for registration selecting your distance.

• Enter your personal information and expected finish time.

• Enter promotion code “CORPSTATEBARAZ” in the box at check out for 50% off.

• Pay your share with a credit card.

Questions? Contact team captain David Sandweiss at:

Whether you're an avid competitive runner, a weekend warrior, or just looking for a sociable way to get some exercise, this event is for you. For those who have never attempted anything like a full or half marathon, daunting though it sounds it is do-able with proper training, commitment, and setting reasonable goals. We encourage everyone to consider becoming a Bar Fly!!

The 2015 Bar Flys roster is posted below:

Half Marathon                                      Half Marathon                   Full Marathon
Mukai Amoo
Rasheed Amoo
Sonya Bettendorf
A. Bhatheja
Bonnie Carroll
Monique Coady
Blake Cormie
Nancy Cortesi
Jennison Cox
Brenda Dabdoub
Sarah De La Rosa
Jennifer Delgado
Janice Dinner
Stephen Emidi
William Emerson
Carisa Ennis
Donald Ennis
Michael Fiflis
Leanne Gagliardi
Sean Greengard
David Hurdle
Eliza Johnson
Nicole Kaseta
Sovin Keans
Adam Kent
Jenn Kopolow
Julie Leineke
Sarah Leineke
Patty Markison
Steven Miller
Daniel Nies
Hannah Nies
Daniel Orenstein
Gail Piceno
Gary Restaino
Patricia Sallen
David Sandweiss
Meagan Schlichtman                                  
Byron Siegel
Brittany Sifontes
Jennifer Sonier
Aubrey Srednicki
Joan van Oss
Rick van Oss
Meredith Vivona
Annie Wan
Sydney Yew
Tom Galvani
Aaron Goodman
Laleaque Grad
Andrew Hanna
Janis Haug
Christina Koehn
Norma Milner
Stefan Palys
Miranda Preston
Michelle Reyes
Wyatt Rosette
Bucky Slomsi
Bisi Whitney