Setting Up AzbarMail with Outlook

Please note that although there are several different versions of Outlook, these instructions should work for the majority of the versions still in use. But in general, you can get to Email Account Setup via the Tools menu in the main Outlook window. It will generally be either Tools, Services (add a POP3 service), or Tools, Email Accounts (create a new account). Specifying that the SMTP server requires login will be under either "More Settings" or "Advanced," again depending on version.

1. Click Tools, Email Accounts.

2. Choose "Add New Account" as shown here.

3. Choose POP3 for the server type.

4. Add each piece of information you see here... your real (sometimes called "friendly") name, your email address, your username and password, and "" for both server names as shown.

5. Click OL5a to specify that the outgoing server requires login.

6. Check the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" box, then hit OK.

7. Press the OL6 button to make sure your account is set up properly. If you get all checkmarks green, you're set!

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