A Message To Forwarding Users

When members forward their AZBarMail emails, the State Bar of Arizona has no control over the third party that receives those emails. We are aware that some third party email services will block AZBarMail on occasion. The Bar has no ability to control what is blocked by third party services. As a result, we do not recommend that members forward their emails from their AZBar account. Should a member choose to do that and run into a problem with the forwarding, the Bar cannot assist in fixing the issue. Members need to contact the third party email service to remove the block. AZBar email is a very effective tool for sending and receiving when used as intended. If the member has a problem with the size of the mailbox, they can pay an additional fee to increase the storage. Currently the fees are:

50 mb - Free
250 mb - $15
500 mb - $30
1 gb - $40

You can learn more about the AZBarMail plans and sign up for additional storage here.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please write to webmailhelp@azbar.org.

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