Setting Up AzbarMail with Mac Mail

Start Mac Mail. If you have not already created an email account of some sort, you will be prompted to enter this information right away. If you already have email accounts set up, click here to jump to the instructions for adding an email account.

1. Choose "POP" for Account Type, enter anything you like for the Account Description, and then enter your name and email address as shown.

2. Enter "" for the incoming server name, and then enter your username (ONLY what is to the left of the @ sign in your email address) and password.

3. "Password," the default, is what you need to select for incoming mail security.

4. Outgoing server is the same name, (unless you have Cox or Qwest, discussed here), and it does require authentication. Mac Mail should enter your username and password from the Incoming Server settings for you, but if it doesn't, simply re-enter your username and password.

5. Outgoing Mail security is Password, just like the Incoming.

6. The next screen you see will be a Summary screen. If everything looks good, click Continue.

7. You're done! Click Done.

Adding An Email Account
The process for adding an account for AzbarM@il is exactly the same if you are adding an additional account; you will just need to click File, Add Account to get to the same dialogs.

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