Checking AzbarMail with a Local Email Client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail)

NOTE: If you use Cox or CenturyLink, see the special outgoing server information. If you already know how to set up an email account, this is all the relevant information you need. If you still have difficulty after trying the instructions below, or if you don’t know the username and password for your account, please call 602.340.7295 for assistance. Please have your Bar number handy before calling.

Note that you will need to turn forwarding OFF for an email client configuration to work. If you do not turn forwarding off, there will never be any mail on the AzbarM@il server for your email client to download; it will have already gone to wherever you’ve specified in forwarding.

These are the settings that are required, regardless of which email program you use. If you know how to set up an email account in your particular email program, this is all the information you need.
• Username/password: your AzbarM@il username/password
(username is ONLY the information to the left of the @ sign–do not include "")
• POP3 (incoming) server:
• SMTP (outgoing) server[*]:  (NOTE: SMTP server does require login.)

[*]You generally use the same server name ( for incoming and outgoing servers. However, Cox and CenturyLink are notable exceptions in that they do not allow SMTP traffic through other servers on their network. See the section on Cox and CenturyLink for information about outgoing server information for those two providers.

Instructions for Outlook

Instructions for Outlook Express

Instructions for Mac Mail

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