Mr. Sample Lawyer

Mr. Sample Lawyer
  • Status: Active
  • Board Certified Specialization: Estate and Trust Law
  • Areas of Focus: Business Law, Estate and Trust Law, Real Estate/Property
  • Section Membership: Business Law and Real Property
  • Other Jurisdictions: New Mexico
  • Other Languages: Spanish
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Yes
  • Discipline: This lawyer has no activity.
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  • Harris and Waite Lawyers
    12345 N. Central Ave, Suite W
    Phoenix, AZ 85001-0000
    Maricopa County
  • Phone: 602.555.1234
  • Fax: 602.555.2345
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More About Mr. Sample Lawyer

Educated at Arizona State, admitted to practice in 1963, admitted to the State Bar of Arizona December 6, 1968.

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