2013 Economics of Law Practice

Economics Report CoverOne of the difficult tasks in managing the operations of a law firm or practice is keeping current on  salaries for associates and support staff, hourly billing rates and overhead expenses. Beginning in 2001, the State Bar has surveyed its members every three years to determine economic trends in Arizona's legal community.

The 2013 Economics of Law Practice in Arizona has the latest numbers and can be purchased online. At the $125 member rate, this report is a fraction of the cost of similar reports. Our online form makes it quick and convenient for you to order.

It is the most thorough localized report about Arizona legal salaries and billing practices. The report has the latest figures on:

  • Salaries for paralegals and secretaries
  • Hourly billing rates
  • Operating expenses & gross receipts 

Much of this information is segmented by area of practice, firm size, and firm location. You can read an overview of the 2013 report in Arizona Attorney. The 2013 report summary will be published in the September issue of the magazine.

The Bar previously published reports in 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010. This follow-up includes data that demonstrates how numbers have changed since our original findings.

Order Your Copy of the 2013 Report Now - 2016 Report Due in September

Orders are generally processed the same day they are received. You can also stop by one of the State Bar offices to purchase a copy.




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