Other Sources for Legal Help

Where can I get free or inexpensive help? 

Call 866.637.5341


Legal Learn is a joint program of the State Bar and the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education, in partnership with numerous legal organizations.

You can also visit www.AZLawHelp.org to search for information, download court forms, and find the legal agencies that serve Arizonans most in need.

Other useful information can be found at www.lawforveterans.org, www.lawforkids.org and www.lawforseniors.org.

Do you think you've been the victim of consumer fraud?


The Arizona Attorney General's  Office may be able to help.  Their consumer complaint process is free and accessible at any time at www.azag.gov (click on "Consumer" then "file a complaint").  The Attorney General's Office encourages Arizona consumers to file complaints with their office if they believe they have been a victim of a deceptive or unfair business practice. 

Their jurisdiction is broad and covers virtually every type of product or service.  Once a complaint is filed, it is reviewed by their legal staff and ordinarily sent to the business for a response.  The business sends a written response to the complaint to the Attorney General's Office, which they then forward to the consumer. In the ideal scenario, the business responds favorably to the consumer complaint - typically, by providing the requested refund.  If the business doesn't respond or if the matter remains unresolved, one of their volunteer mediators may step in and try to negotiate a resolution that is acceptable to both the consumer and the business.  If the mediation process does not produce a satisfactory outcome from the consumer's point of view, the consumer may consider filing a lawsuit, with or without an attorney. 

As a state agency, the Attorney General's Office cannot provide legal advice or representation to individuals.  They do, however, retain consumer complaint data as it helps them identify new trends and may lead to a consumer protection
enforcement action, now or in the future. 

Bilingual staff are available to assist consumers who have questions about the on-line complaint process or who would prefer to have a hard copy of the complaint form mailed to them (602.542.5763 in Phoenix, 520.628.6504 in Tucson, or toll free outside metro Phoenix, 800.3528431).  They are also investing in technology that will improve the efficiency of the complaint process and enhance customer service, which is expected to roll out by the end of the year.