A Message To Forwarding Users

You are looking at the interface for State Bar AzbarM@il members. As an azbar.org address user, you are familiar with Azbar forwarding, which allows you to keep one fixed email address and forward it to whatever your current "real" address is.

Forwarding is still available; but now, you can also use your Azbar.org address as a self-contained emailbox!

If you want to keep forwarding your email as you are now, you don't need to change anything. But there is a way to view and update your AzbarM@il information: through the AzbarM@il interface. Please go to https://webmail.azbar.org, sign in on the right using your regular login information (user name and password), and follow the prompts. You will need to come up with a secret question (and its answer), and signify, by a checkbox, your acceptance of the SBA Terms of Service.

Note that the login procedure for forwarding users and webmail users is exactly the same. Once you are signed in, look for "Preferences" near the lower left of your screen and click it. Notice the "Forwarding" box in the "General User Settings" area at the top. To change forwarding, simply replace the current email address and hit the SAVE button near the top. To remove forwarding so that you can use AzbarM@il, just delete the contents of the Forwarding box and hit SAVE. Now, any email you get to your AZBar address will be available to you in your email box there.

If you want to resume forwarding later, simply go back to the same "Forwarding" option and re-enter the email address you want your mail forwarded to. It's as simple as that!

For complete information on what is available to you with AzbarM@il, go to https://webmail.azbar.org, and click on the "Learn More/Sign up Now" link on the left.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please write to webmailhelp@azbar.org.

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