Setting Up AzbarMail with Outlook Express

Please note that because of Outlook Express’s older configuration, the setup wizard does not give you opportunity to specify that the outgoing server requires authentication; you’ll have to edit the account you just created to add that information.

1. Click Tools, Accounts...

2. Click Add, Mail...

3. Type your regular name (not your email address) here.

4. Type your email address here.

5. Type for both the incoming and outgoing mail server names.

6. Finally, enter your username and password as shown. Do not check the SPA box.

Unfortunately, the Outlook Express setup wizard does not give you the opportunity to specify the login requirement for the SMTP (outgoing) server, so just finish the wizard with the information you have; once complete, follow the additional steps below.

7. Double-click the new account you just created (probably called

8. Click the "Servers" tab at the top. Then check "My server requires authentication" under "Outgoing Mail Server." Hit OK, then Close on the account list window.

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