Looking for Legal Help?

The State Bar of Arizona is not permitted to provide attorney referrals. You can search for an attorney on our website by your legal need and geographic location: Find A Lawyer

Referral services are offered by:

Maricopa County Bar Association 602.257.4434 1/2 hour consultation for a fee
Pima County Bar Association 520.623.4625 1/2 hour consultation for a fee

Additional legal resources can be found at www.azlawhelp.org.

The State Bar of Arizona is not permitted to offer any legal advice or legal services.

Because attorneys are not required to provide pro bono services, the State Bar of Arizona does not maintain a list of those who offer pro bono services. Fees for services are set by the attorney. If you believe you qualify for pro bono or reduced fee services, you can find information at www.azlawhelp.org or by calling 866.637.5341.

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