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Arizona Securities Law: Civil Liability, Defenses, and Remedies, 4th Ed. 2014

ARIZONA SECURITIES LAW: CIVIL LIABILITY, DEFENSES, AND REMEDIESThe new fourth edition provides a comprehensive analysis of civil liability, defenses, and remedies under Arizona’s securities laws. Coverage extends not only to the Arizona Securities Act but to securities claims under the Consumer Fraud Act, the Investment Management Act, and common-law theories of intentional, negligent, and fiduciary fraud. The book explains the law in each area, as well as parallel developments under the federal securities laws, which are analyzed with particular attention to differences in Arizona and federal law.

Handy Appendix
Securities law is largely statutory law. Attorneys should always pay close attention to the statutory text. A handy Appendix reproduces the key civil-liability statutes under Arizona’s Securities Act, Consumer Fraud Act, and Investment Management Act, together with the key federal-securities statutes.

New Developments
Since the last edition, dozens of new decisions affecting Arizona securities litigation have been issued. These concern secondary liability, control liability, indirect fraud, materiality, reliance, scienter, pleading, and many other issues. Among the new cases are two decisions by the Arizona Supreme Court and nine decisions interpreting Arizona securities law by Arizona district courts in the Mortgages Ltd. and Allstate Life Insurance Co. litigation. These and all other Arizona securities cases are covered in the fourth edition.

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Format: 468 pages, perfect bound, 7x10



Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (Civil), 5th Edition with CD-ROM, 2013

Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (Civil), 5th Ed., 2014LexisNexis and the Civil Jury Instructions Committee of the State Bar of Arizona are pleased to present the Fifth Edition of the Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (Civil).

Major changes include:

  1. Updates to current instructions in the 4th edition;
  2. New instructions added to "Intentional Torts";
  3. New "Agency" instructions;
  4. New "Defamation" instructions;
  5. New "Residential Eviction Actions" instructions;
  6. Updates to cases cited on all instructions, where applicable.

This edition also includes a comprehensive index and a companion CD-ROM with the full contents of the book as well as links to all cases referenced in the book.

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Publisher: LexisNexis Publishing Solutions Attorney
Format: 1 volume, looseleaf, BOOK
ISBN: 9781630433246


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