MCLE Requirements and Deadlines

Dates and Deadlines

The annual compliance period is July 1 to the following June 30. Affidavits must be filed by September 15 of each year.

Your CLE tracking page is available year-round. Enter your CLE events onto your CLE tracking page for the applicable educational year. Events you take through the State Bar are automatically entered for you within 24-72 hours, with the exception of self-study and teaching hours which you enter yourself. You also enter all other CLE that you acquired through other providers.

Beginning in mid-July, the online electronic affidavit process will open. Begin at your CLE tracking page, making sure all events are listed, and then continue to your affidavit. Please note that entering your events on your tracking page does not constitute a filed affidavit.

The electronic affidavit will automatically display with your name, bar number, address, and all of your State Bar CLE, in addition to other events you entered on your CLE tracking page. Be sure to click "submit affidavit" and be sure you receive an email receipt for your affidavit filing. If you do not receive a receipt, your affidavit was not filed.

Electronic filing updates your record in real time, and there is no requirement to mail the affidavit.

July 1

 Educational Year Begins

June 30

 Educational Year Ends


 Online filing

September 15

 Affidavits must be filed

Fees (effective January 1, 2015)

Delinquent Compliance Fees:

Hours acquired after June 30

Owe fee of

July 1 to July 31


August 1 to August 31


September 1 to September 15


September 16 and later



Delinquent Filing Fees:

Affidavits filed late

Owe fee of

September 16 to October 15


October 16 to November 15


November 16 and later


Failure to file the affidavit by December 15 may result in a motion for summary suspension from the practice of law.

Fees established by Administrative Order No. 2014-32, Supreme Court of Arizona




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