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Publications Released in 2017

Arizona Attorneys' Fees Desk Reference, 2nd Ed. 2017

This desk reference is designed to enable judges and attorneys to have immediate topical access to attorneys' fee awards information. It also provides information whether attorneys' fees are mandatory or discretionary where appropriate.
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Time Limitations Applicable to Civil Actions and Procedures in the Arizona Superior Courts, 2017

This quick reference desk book is a handy compilation of all time limits that apply to civil actions and procedures in Arizona Superior Courts. Now includes: Latest revisions to the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure and Family Law Procedure; and selected updated case annotations.
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Publications Released in 2016

Search and Seizure, 2nd Edition 2016

by Christina M. Cabanillas. Fourth Amendment law and procedure continues to receive the active attention of the courts and the legislature. This 366-page manual covers the core principles and rules of law governing searches and seizures of individuals, homes, and vehicles, applying relevant Arizona and federal authority.
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Arizona Legal Ethics Handbook, 4th Ed. 2016

The Arizona Legal Ethics Handbook is a comprehensive treatment of the "law of lawyering," as it has been developed and articulated by the Arizona courts and disciplinary authorities. Its organization and structure are tied to that of the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct, with a separate chapter devoted to each individual Rule. This new Fourth Edition updates the Third Edition, 2015, incorporating subsequent case law and ethical opinions. The fourth edition includes several notable changes to the Ethical Rules and Arizona Supreme Court rules governing law practice effective January 1, 2016.
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Arizona Construction Law Practice Manual, 3rd Ed. 2016

The new third edition of Arizona Construction Law Practice Manual is the definitive reference on construction law practice in Arizona. Written by highly regarded construction attorneys and professionals, with 56 chapters explaining the key principles of construction law, this 2-volume manual is a "must have" for any lawyer practicing in this area. Its scope is unique among construction treatises, in that it explains the practical applications of construction law and answers many of the questions and concerns you may face when working with your client.
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Third-Party Interests: Liens and Subrogation Rights, 2016

Essential for handling personal injury and wrongful death claims in Arizona, this handbook thoroughly covers legal and ethical issues surrounding third-party claims under both Arizona and federal law.
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Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook, 2nd ed. 2016

This useful publication gives the general practitioner a quick reference guide to a number of areas likely to be encountered in the preparation of a motor vehicle accident case. Whether you're a new lawyer seeking to learn more about personal injury or motor vehicle accident cases or a legal assistant working for a seasoned professional, the book and its forms are valuable tools for your practice!
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Publications Released in 2015

Arizona Trial Practice Manual, 2015

This "how to" book teaches the practitioner the essentials of Arizona Trial practice. From motions in limine to post-trial motions, every aspect of a trial is examined in detail.
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Arizona Civil Remedies, 4th Ed. 2015

A best-seller since 1982, this nuts-and-bolts resource provides a practical approach to commercial and consumer law topics. You'll find lots of "how-to" details on handling claims, reducing claims to judgment, and enforcing judgments once they're obtained. Simply put, this book gives you the mechanics of getting money that your client is owed. With over 100 pages of forms, sensible advice on common practice problems, and concise explanations of pertinent substantive and procedural issues, Arizona Civil Remedies is one of the most useful books a lawyer can own!
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Community Association Law in Arizona, New 5th Ed. 2015

The only one-stop resource that brings you everything you need to know about condominiums and planned communities plus the requisite forms to form a community association.
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Arizona Appellate Handbook, Vols. 1A & 1B, 6th edition 2015

Written by expert judges and practitioners in appellate law, this new edition was updated to cover the newly adopted Arizona Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure.
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Arizona Legal Malpractice Law, 2015

This treatise covers cases where clients sue their attorney, alleging under one or more legal theories that the attorney's error or omission caused them recoverable damages.
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Arizona Tort Law Handbook, 2012 & new 2015 Supplement

Revised Chapters: Medical Malpractice, Negligence, Products Liability, and Punitive Damages
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The Regulation of Arizona Contractors (aka The Orange Book), 2nd ed. 2014

A 500+ page volume containing more than 250 pages of insightful explanatory text, tips and pointers by a 20-year veteran Arizona construction lawyer.
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