Arizona Modest Means Project

About the Modest Means Project

The purpose of the Arizona Modest Means Project is to provide low-cost legal assistance to people who cannot afford the expertise of attorneys at the standard rates, but who cannot qualify for free legal services due to income qualification or other restrictions. The Project serves those whose income is less than or equal to 250% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Modest Means Project attorneys agree to be available to assist Modest Means Project clients for a fee of $75 for a one-hour consultation, after which the attorney has discretion to continue representation at a fee of $75 per hour.

JOIN your fellow attorneys in assisting Arizonans with Modest Means. Contact Lara Slifko at or 602.340.7235 or go online to sign up now.

Sign up to assist with the Modest Means project and receive a coupon code for 50% off to use when registering for any of these Modest Means seminars! *The ethics presentation is required for all Modest Means volunteers, attendance at all other presentations is up to each attorney.

Modest Means seminars are short programs introducing volunteers to a specific area of practice so that they may better serve their clients. Thesecourses cover core competencies needed to work successfully on behalf of your clients. Modest Means programs are available OnDemand.

2017 Survey of Wills and Trusts | OnDemand
2017 Survey of Employment Law | OnDemand
2016 Foundations of Ethics | OnDemand
2013 Foundations of Immigration Deferred Action | OnDemand
2013 Foundations of Probate Procedure | OnDemand
2013 Foundations of Defending Consumer Collection Cases and Related Issues | OnDemand
2013 Foundations of Family Law | OnDemand
2013 Foundations of Mediation | OnDemand
2012 Foundations of Appeals | OnDemand
2012 Foundations of Bankruptcy | OnDemand
2012 Foundations of Criminal Law | OnDemand
2012 Foundations of Foreclosure/Short Sales | OnDemand
2012 Foundations of Guardianship | OnDemand
2012 Foundations of Landlord/Tenant | OnDemand

For questions about assisting Arizonans with Modest Means, or becoming a Modest Means Volunteer, contact Lara Slifko at or 602.340.7235.

Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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