CLE by the Sea Ethics Track

Forget the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
ETHICS TRACK CHAIR: Brian Bohan, Pinal County Public Defender's Office
As attorneys, we deal with, and are responsible for, the interests of people with varying mental states. Yet we have limited training, except surviving law school, in analyzing the mental health of others.
This course provides techniques for categorizing and relating to those individuals with whom we interact on a daily basis.
Designed to teach attorneys to build rapport and assess the mental health of clients, this presentation provides tools for attorneys, who typically have no medical or psychiatric training. Faculty members include attorneys and a mental health professional who have been “in the trenches.”


  • Red flags and techniques of analysis
  • Ethical duties to clients, witnesses, and even the opposition
  • Danger signs, other ethical responsibilities and strategies for safety


  • Stefanie Jones-Campbell, Pinal County Public Defender's Office
  • Dianna Kalandros, Director of Treatment Services, Pinal County Superior Court
  • Kent Volkmer, Wallace Volkmer & Weagant, PLLC
This program track may qualify for up to 3 hours MCLE, all of which may be ethics.

Oceanfront Reception

An oceanfront reception follows the ethics program. This lovely evening is an opportunity to network and engage with colleagues and friends. Attendees of the ethics program receive two drink tickets for redemption at the reception.