Employment & Labor Law Track

The American Workplace:
Diverse, Dynamic, and a Neverending Challenge for Every Labor and Employment Lawyer

With increased scrutiny from federal enforcement agencies - in the areas of wage and hour issues, protected concerted activities, discrimination, and retaliation - employers are forced to routinely evaluate their human resources policies and practices. Similarly, employees are increasingly seeking legal representation to assist them with complex class actions and administrative complaints against employers. Not to mention there is the constant distraction of social media, the new "gig" economy, the decline in traditional labor union membership, and restrictions on where you can work that further complicate the lives of employment and labor lawyers. This course is designed to give practitioners new tools to deal with the changing workplace – and to be accessible and entertaining enough to interest non-employment and labor attorneys.

Co-sponsored by the Employment and Labor Law Section of the State Bar of Arizona.
This program track may qualify for up to 12.0 hours MCLE (up to 4.0 hours MCLE daily). Attendees are invited to enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast buffet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, from 7:30 am to 8:15 am.

TRACK CHAIRS and MODERATORS: Joseph A. Kroeger, Snell & Wilmer LLP, and Troy E. Larkin, Esq.


8:15 am -
12:30 pm

A Matter of Perspective

Day One of this program will address social media's impact on the workplace and best practices from in-house counsel.

Day One will finish with a panel discussion between General Counsel for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, and Arizona Coyotes on current labor and employment issues as the related to professional sports, collective bargaining agreements, and the intricacies and complications that the "sports arena" imposes on traditional employment matters.

FACULTY: Ashley Kasarjian, Esq., Senior Corporate Counsel - Employment, Republic Services; Michael Mason, Esq., HR Director, APS; Rachel Molina, Esq., Corporate Counsel, Swift Transportation; Magdalena Osborn, Esq., VP- General Counsel, Lovitte & Touché; Ahron Cohen, General Counsel, Arizona Coyotes Hockey Club; Melissa Goldenberg, General Counsel, Phoenix Suns; Caleb E. Jay, Senior Counsel, Arizona Diamondbacks


8:15 am -
12:30 pm

How Did We Get Here?
The Past, Present & Future State of the American Workplace

Day Two will examine trends regarding traditional labor and employment. It will include a discussion on the decline in union membership, Section VII of the National Labor Relation Act, and the growing prevalence of the "gig" economy and its impact on the traditional labor model.

Day Two finishes by supplying a retrospective of the twenty-five-year tenure of the EEOC's former General Counsel, David Lopez, who will include a discussion on federal protection in the workplace, expansion of rights, strategic enforcement priorities, and the current focus of the EEOC today.

FACULTY: Troy E. Larkin, Esq.; Joseph A. Kroeger, Esq., Partner, Snell & Wilmer, LLP; P. David Lopez, Former General Counsel for the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission (EEOC)


8:15 am -
12:30 pm

The Future is Bright...

Day Three will address the "long game" of advancing civil rights in the American workplace, again by David Lopez, a nationally renowned employment law figure. It will also take a hard look at the role, importance, and impact of restrictive covenants in Arizona after the Arizona Supreme Court's decision in Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC v. Noder.

The program will conclude with an empowering discussion from a San Diego Super Lawyer and a frequent speaker on economic development, success, and expanding into an abundance mindset.

FACULTY: P. David Lopez, Former General Counsel for the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission (EEOC); Joseph A. Kroeger, Esq., Partner, Snell & Wilmer, LLP; Troy E. Larkin, Esq.; Janice P. Brown, Esq., Principal Owner- The Brown Law Group

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