Arizona Attorney Music Competition Winners Announced


2017 Music Winner Kathryn Mahady

Congratulations to the winner of the annual Arizona Attorney Creative Arts Competition, Kathryn Mahady, who is featured in our May issue, which is available here.

Because of obvious restrictions, our music winners’ work cannot be published in the magazine. But it is available, below, for you to hear and enjoy. Well done, Kathryn. (pictured here; photo by John Hall.)

Here is a link to her winning song:

“Could Have Told Us To Burn It Down”


And here is background on Kathryn. Congratulations again!

KATHRYN MAHADY is an attorney at Aspey, Watkins & Diesel, PLLC in Flagstaff, Arizona, practicing in the areas of civil litigation, criminal defense, immigration, and bankruptcy. Ms. Mahady graduated from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in 2011 to start her second career, after seven years teaching middle school world geography in Tucson Unified School District. Ms. Mahady is a member of Heartwood, an all-woman folk/blues/bluegrass band in Flagstaff, which is releasing its first album of all original music in May 2017.

And here are the lyrics to her song:

Beautiful land of diamonds and gold

Ancestors singing and stories told

Sunflowers as far as you can see

Sneaky leopard hunting from a tree

Could have told us to burn it down (x4)

And we would

Beautiful land of elephant and lion

Great white sharks and West Cape wine

Nothing seemed to break that spirit

They’re singing by the hospital I’m sure you can hear it.

Could have told us to burn it down (x4)

And we would

No one would have blamed you if your heart had turned to stone

No one would have blamed you if you took back all you owned

No one would have blamed you if you hadn’t been so good

We would have understood

Beautiful words of reconciliation

We will build a beautiful nation

27 years breaking rocks in the sun

Walked out the door and forgave everyone, and you

Could have told us to burn it down (x4)

And we would

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