Advisory Groups

The State Bar of Arizona has advisory groups charged by the Board of Governors with providing advice and recommendations concerning Bar policy and programs or participation in a Bar program.

State Bar Advisory Groups include:

  • Arizona Attorney Editorial Board
  • Board of Legal Specialization Advisory Commissions
  • Communications Advisory Panel
  • Continuing Legal Education Working Group (not accepting applications at this time)
  • Convention Working Group
  • Council on Women & Minorities in the Law
  • Fee Arbitration Program
  • Legal Services Advisory Panel
  • Member Assistance Council
  • Military Legal Assistance Panel
  • Persons with Disabilities Council
  • Professionalism Advisory Council
  • Rules of Professional Conduct Advisory Group
  • Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Council
  • Technology Working Group

Appointment Process: Applications received on or before May 13 will be considered for available committee positions. Appointments will be made by the incoming president commencing on June 30, 2018.  Advisory Group Application.

Current Committee Members: with terms ending June 2018 will be extended the opportunity to serve another term but must complete the application form and an indication of interest. 

Term of Appointment: Appointments are typically for a 3-year term with the possibility of reappointment for a specified additional amount of time. 


For more information please contact:

Christina Desaubin
Member Services Administrator

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