BackgroundWho we are

In 2006, the State Bar's Board of Governors appointed a Diversity Task Force in response to recommendations made to the Board by the State Bar's Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law (CMWL). The Task Force was asked to evaluate and implement a number of diversity-related issues highlighted in the CMWL's report, including the creation and implementation of the Arizona Bar Leadership Institute.

Following the approval of the Board of Governors, the State Bar of Arizona Diversity Department was created.  The Department is charged not only with the responsibility of facilitating the Bar's diversity efforts, but with that of administering the Bar Leadership Institute.

The Department also supports the important work of these Bar committees:


Our Value Statement on Diversity

The Department is tasked with implementing the State Bar's statement of core value for diversity which states: This value represents our commitment to ensuring that the legal profession and the justice system reflect the community it serves in all of its social, economic, and geographical diversity.  It is seeking out representatives of underrepresented groups to add their strength to the legal profession and to the advancement of justice in all areas of society.

The State Bar of Arizona therefore values and respects diversity and inclusion, of its employees and the clients that they serve.  Valuing our differences in thought, background and perspective is more than our philosophy; it is at the core of our business.  Inclusion helps us to create a culture that embraces the best people from the widest range of talent.  The Diversity Department is committed to providing the direction on diversity and inclusion so that the State Bar can offer the best services possible to its internal and external customers.

The Diversity Department partners with the Human Resources Department, sister and specialty Bars to promote respect for all.  We believe that partnering with these groups provides direct communications of the needs of our employees and the legal community.


Strategic Direction

The State Bar's strategic direction on diversity is defined by the needs of the organization and its clients.  It is in turn guided by the following:

  • Aligning diversity with business goals and objectives
  • Integration
  • External Relations
  • Communication
  • Consulting & Executive Participation & Buy-in
  • Relationship Building
  • Measurement & Accountability