Sharon A. Fullmer Legal Aid
Attorney of the Year Award

This award, established in 1997, recognizes the legal services lawyer in Arizona whose service to low-income people encompasses both aggressive advocacy on behalf of individuals in extreme need as well as impacts advocacy designed to address systemic issues affecting significant numbers of low-income people.

2016 Recipient

Stanley Silas

STANLEY (STAN) SILAS, Senior / Lead Attorney at Community Legal Services’ (‘CLS’) moved to Arizona in 2001. He began his legal services career at CLS’ Central Phoenix office and later moved to its office in Mesa, serving East Valley residents. Mr. Silas specializes in Housing Law, often training new attorneys focusing on tenants’ rights. As a legal services attorney, his legal advocacy is committed to eliminating poverty-based inequities faced by economically challenged Arizonans. Over the past few years, Stan has earned a well-deserved reputation as a training presenter with expertise in federal and state Fair Housing laws and the housing related problems of tenants who are designated as Seriously Mentally Ill, (‘SMI’). His presentations included the first ever training for Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care case managers and supportive housing staff on prevention techniques to reduce evictions of SMI tenants. 

Prior Recipients:

The award has been presented to:

1997     Sharon A. Fullmer (posthumously)
1998 Lois T. Kermott (posthumously)
1999 William E. Morris
2000 Dolores H. Milkie
2001 Thomas J. Berning
Edwad E. Coghlan
2002 Sylvia J. Struss
2003 Veronika Fabian
Denise I. Young
2004 Lydia A. Glasson
2005 George H. McKay
2006 Patricia J. Gerrich
2007 Anthony L. Young
2008 Valerie C. Hink
2009 Rachel Wilson
2010 Prof. Andrew Silverman
2011 Pamela M. Bridge
2012 Mary V. Day
2013 Beverly B. Parker
2014 Ellen Sue Katz
2015 Laura Belous

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