Award of Appreciation

This award, established in 1989, is presented to that individual(s) who is not a member of the Bar in recognition of outstanding service toward the creation of a better public understanding of the legal profession and the administration of justice, the judiciary or the legislative process.

2016 Recipient

Christine HallCHRISTINE C. IIJIMA HALL received her Ph.D. in social psychology from UCLA in 1980. Before retiring in 2013, she served as a higher education administrator in academic and student affairs and human resources for over 35 years. She has authored numerous books chapters and journal articles.

Dr. Hall has served on the Committee for Superior Court, the Arizona Bar Board of Governors and the Arizona Judicial Council under Chief Justices McGregor and Berch. Berch recommended Dr. Hall’s appointment to the recent Arizona Supreme Court’s Arizona State Bar Mission & Governance Task Force. 

Dr. Hall believes her most valuable contribution was her work on the Judicial Selection Advisory Council for the Phoenix Municipal Courts under Chief Presiding Judge Roxanne Song Ong. Because the courts interact with many diverse populations, Dr. Hall feels her role helped provide culturally competent and culturally sensitive judges to the Phoenix bench. 








Previous Recipients: 

The award has been presented to:

1989     Hon. Rose Mofford
Hon. Barry Goldwater
1990 Sal Quijada
Paul Urbano King
1991 Prof. Paul Bender
Amelia D. Lewis
1992 Hon. Tom Tso
1993 Ken Campbell
1994 Patricia J. Horgan
Karen E. Osborn
Ronald S. Watson
1995 Bruce Hernandez
1996 Paul Rubin
1997 Karen Duffy
Art Rotstein
Joan Tobin
1998 Regina Skouson
1999 Dr. Janet Brown
2000 Maria Hoffman
2001 Helen Cahill
2002 Bill Scott
2003 Donald W. Carson
Myles V. Lynk
2004 Carrie L. Sherman
2005 Emily R. Johnston
2006 Dr. Pearl Tang
2007 Matthew Silverman
2008 Larry C. McVey
Marvin E. Perry
2009 Bennie C. Click
2010 Susan Armstrong
2011 David K. Byers
2012 Alex Jamison
Karen Osborne
2013 William D. Carnegie
2014 John J. Sullivan

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