Bills Regarding the Bar and Pending Rules Petition

February 2, 2017

In the current legislature there are two bills which could potentially affect the structure of the State Bar of Arizona.

HB2300 would eliminate the mandatory bar. It would move all attorney regulation functions to the Arizona Supreme Court.

HB2295 would created a two tiered structure which would still require membership, but would have one fee for mandated services, and a second fee for voluntary services.

There is also a current rules petition, put forth by the Goldwater Institute, that would create a structure similar to the one proposed in HB2295.

While the Board of Governors believes that the current structure best suits both our members and the public, it does believe that the proper path for any change is through the court's rules process. The Goldwater Institute petition supports that position as well, stating, "Removing any part of lawyer regulation from the Supreme Court and placing it with the Legislature is, for many reasons, not a good idea."

You can read the rules petition and comment here.

Read more about the Bar's position on the bills and petition here

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