Financial Statements

State Bar of Arizona
The State Bar of Arizona (State Bar) is a private, nonprofit Arizona corporation that was founded in 1933 for the advancement of the administration of justice, the regulation of persons seeking to practice law, the regulation and discipline of persons engaged in the practice of law and other purposes. The State Bar has been determined exempt from federal income taxes under §501 (c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Client Protection Fund
The State Bar collects fees from its members in order to sustain a Client Protection Fund (the Fund) established to protect clients of State Bar members. The State Bar appoints trustees to administer the Fund. The Fund is maintained as a separate trust and is not included in the accounts of the State Bar.

The Bar's finances are audited every year by an independent accounting company. You can view previous audits below.

View the 2013 Combined Financial Statements for the State Bar and the Client Protection Fund here.

You can see our approved 2014 State Bar budget (with footnotes) here.

Previous State Bar Financial Statements:

2014 Consolidated Statements of State Bar of Arizona and the Client Protection Fund

2013 IRS Form 990

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