Core Values

There are key values that guide our work.  These values are important to everything we do.  We use these values to shape our work and ensure that our approaches are consistent with our results.  We list them without reference to priority, because they are of equal value to how we live our professional and personal lives.

Integrity: This value represents our commitment to truth in all of its forms and in all of our actions.  It is adherence to the spirit as well as to the letter of the law.  It is consistency, transparency, and accountability for what we say and what we do, as individuals, as professionals, and as an organization.

Service to Clients and the Public: This value represents our commitment to advocate the causes of others with all of our strength, as we would advocate for ourselves in the most important of personal concerns.  It is embracing the responsibility to give back to society the knowledge and skills that we acquired with the help of others.

Diversity: This value represents our commitment to ensuring that the legal profession and the justice system reflect the community it serves in all of its social, economic, and geographical diversity.  It is seeking out members of underrepresented groups to add their strength to the legal profession and to the advancement of justice in all areas of society.

Professionalism: This value represents our commitment to each other and to all whom we encounter to act with highest level of sensitivity to the feelings of others.  It transcends common courtesy and requires treating all persons within the sphere of our influence with dignity, respect, and unqualified civility.

Promoting Justice: This value represents our commitment to ensuring at every risk to ourselves that others have access to the system of justice in which we serve as officers of the court.  It is living in our daily lives the oath of allegiance to the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Arizona by which we are privileged to practice our profession.

Leadership: This value represents our commitment to use whatever influence we are privileged to acquire to advance the just causes of those whose influence is less.  It is understanding at all times that our actions are observed and may be emulated, and that we are responsible for social behaviors modeled upon our own.