Contribution Request Procedures and Guidelines

The State Bar of Arizona (SBA) recognizes the value of supporting Arizona-based, legal and community organizations and invites them to submit a request for financial support. The SBA will consider solicitations for contributions not to exceed $1,000 for those events and activities that an organization is planning for a calendar year. Contributions will be made to support activities promoting interaction between all members of the Bar. An organization must be a recognized a non-profit or governmental entity to qualify for a contribution.

Guidelines for Qualification

Please note that the State Bar of Arizona's Contribution Policy requires the following:

  • The event or program must be consistent with the Mission Statement of the State Bar:

The State Bar of Arizona exists to serve and protect the public with respect to the provision of legal services and access to justice. Consistent with these goals, the State Bar of Arizona seeks to improve the administration of justice and the competency, ethics, and professionalism of lawyers practicing in Arizona. [1]

[1] Refer to Rule 32, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct., to read the Mission Statement in its entirety.


  • The event or program must be consistent with State Bar core values of integrity, service, diversity, professionalism, justice and leadership.
  • Funds may not be used for alcohol or religious services. The event or program must be consistent with Keller (non-partisan/political).
  • Recipients must include sponsorship recognition in brochures, programs, or other event materials.
  • Recipients must use awarded funds for the event or program requested. If the recipient is unable to use the funds for the awarded purpose, a request must be submitted to the Bar for approval of an alternative  use of the funds. If the "alternative use" is denied, then funds must be returned to the State Bar.
  • Recipients must complete and return the Reporting Form provided by the State Bar of Arizona. This provides the Board of Governors with a report of how funds have been used. The form shall include copies of event materials recognizing the Bar as a sponsor. The form shall certify that the event or program was consistent with Keller.
  • Failure to use funds for approved events and/or failure to submit the Reporting Form may make the receiving organization  ineligile for future contributions. 

Application Process

To apply, please complete the Contribution Request Form. The completed request form should be sent electronically to  Please do not hesitate to contact Kathy Gerhart, Chief Financial Officer, by email or at 602.340.7392 if you have questions or need additional assistance.

Request submitted were reviewed by the SBA Finance and Audit Committee in October of each year and considered for approval by the Board of Governors at its December meeting.  Notification of approval/denial will be made in January. 

We value your service to our community and encourage you to apply for support from the State Bar.

October 1 Deadline for applications
October Finance and Audit Committee review and approve applications
January Contribution request approval/denial letters/emails sent
30 days prior to event Distribution of funds
60 days after event or program                            File Reporting Form with State Bar

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